Hypha is a word from Ancient Greek meaning 'web' (plural hyphae); referring to one of the threads that make up the mycelium of a fungus.

In ecology, hyphae provide sustenance and communication between living organisms. Drawing inspiration from this infinitely adaptive, complex structure, we bring these traits to our work: rooted in knowledge, yet boundless in imagination.
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Hypha is a Cosmos Hub core team and Interchain Foundation grant recipient, focusing on testnet management.

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Starling Lab

Alongside experts in news media, historical preservation, and legal accountability, Hypha members work within Starling Lab for Data Integrity to build truthful digital ecosystems.

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Restructuring Futures

Restructuring Futures is a multi-stakeholder project seeking to reimagine embodied artistic and social collaboration in virtual spaces.

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Distributed Press

Hypha incubated the Distributed Press, a publishing tool for the World Wide Web and Decentralized Web.

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COMPOST magazine, Distributed Press’ sister project, publishes issues of curated stories to IPFS and Hypercore using our digital press.

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Sacred Stacks

Sacred Stacks introduces decentralized technology concepts to project partners, who represent a range of social justice, arts, and solidarity organizations.

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Online Meeting Co-operative

Hypha is a core operational member of the Online Meeting Co-operative, which provides videoconferencing services as a multistakeholder co-operative.